Chinese billionaire sent 2,000 ventilators and safety glasses to New York

Islamabad (Net News) – Co-founder of the online supermarket company of China Alibaba and Billionaire Chinese man Joseph Tsai and his wife, Clara Wu Tsai  has donated medical devices to American State   New York City.

Sent items from china

According to CNN the Chinese billionaire sent 2,000 ventilators, 26 million face masks and one Lack 70,000 safety glasses to New York City. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thanked the aid. Aid also sent by online supermarket company of China Alibabaand his wife New York City has the highest number of patients of Corona virus in New York City, which is the capital of the world, with the best medical system in the world and also the richest people in the world.


New York City has a population of less than one million and there are also hospitals and medical centers that are counted among the best hospitals in the world.