Child abuse, a short term with a horrible meaning…sometimes gives me goosebumps when I hear about this act.

In Pakistan, for the past couple of year, the news of child abuse has become a part of everyday news line. I always hear EVERYWHERE that little kids are getting abused. On the TV, social media, and sometimes in my street. It’s not just about little kids either its teenagers, adults, and even senior citizens. Child abuse can easily be defined as physical or emotional injury, but it’s not that simple…it is actually the injury of a child’s trust, mental health, injury of his believes and also can be of his soul… Anyways, these people are sick, they lets out their emotions by abusing little KIDS. Sounds disgusting right? I know. and it is. And if these kids are lucky enough to not get killed, you know what they do?… they cut themselves, become suicidal, or kill other people. Out of the range of disturbing experiences in our lives, the act of having being sexually abused/raped/molested as a child, is surely one of the most traumatic events. Is it any wonder that those have been affected in this way are likely to carry a lord of bitterness, insecurity and even guilts? Is it their fault?

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A few days ago, I watched a video on social media that got so viral. It was about a 12 years old girl who herself is a child, gave birth to a child and became a mother. She was sexually abused by not only one or two persons, but FOUR…The incident happened after 3 months of her mother’s death. The father left the children at home and went to his work. A man in the neighborhood started coming to their house in the absence of her father and raped the girl. He started than started to brought his friends with him for this crime. It’s wrong to call them human beings, they were Ravenous. The girl didn’t tell anyone due to fear and become a toy for others.

How should we stop this misconstruction?

Now the point is, that how should we stop this misconstruction in our society? How should we change this concept of fear of talking for our rights? In about 80% of the cases the criminal is living around us but the victim is scared by the criminal because of which they usually feel fear or ashamed of telling what had happened to them.

Finally..In this regard, Sex education should be a part of the early education curriculum so that children can know about their basic rights. Also the government should make law and give hard punishments to the criminals so that they should feel fear when thought about this crime.
As a society, we have to bring the change in our socio-political sphere to end this HEINOUS crime of child abuse.. because our children are future of Pakistan.