China rejects investigation on Coronavirus

Islamabad (Monitoring Desk News) China has rejected calls for an independent global inquiry into the spread of the coronavirus. According to a BBC report, Chinwen, the top diplomat stationed in the UK, said that the basis of the demands was political and an attempt to divert China’s attention from the fight against the epidemic. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had demanded a few days ago that China allow the investigation of the sensitive laboratory. People demanding investigation says that the investigation may reveal the reasons for the emergence and early spread of coronavirus.


The EU’s External Action Service said Russia and China had targeted the EU and neighboring countries with conspiracy theories. The Chinese diplomat said that our country could not recognize any kind of international investigation, the demand for an independent investigation is political. “We are fighting against the virus at the moment and all our efforts are focused on fighting against virus and why there is talk of an investigation on such an occasion,” he said. The Chinese diplomat rejected the demand, saying it would not only divert attention but also divert resources.

investigation on Coronavirus is politically demand, china

He said that since this demand has been made politically, no one can accept it and it will not benefit anyone. He said there were many rumors circulating about the origin of the virus but such misinformation was dangerous. Reiterating his position, he said that it was like a political virus and as dangerous as the coronavirus.