Trump banned issuance of green cards

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ISLAMABAD: US President Donald Trump has threatened to cut funding to the World Health Organization (WHO) if it does not adopt a better strategy to combat the global epidemic. President Trump wrote a letter to the head of the World Health Organization, Dr. Tedros Adhanom, in which he said that if the World Health Organization does not show significant improvement in the next 30 days to control Corona, its funding will be stopped forever.In his letter, Trump said that the wrong move by you and your organization to control the epidemic was once again clear. The whole world has to bear the cost.


The US president said that in this situation, the only way for the agency is to prove that it is independent of China. “My administration has already discussed with you how the organization can do better, but it needs to work faster because we don’t have time to waste,” Trump said in his letter.US President Donald Trump has accused China of spreading the corona virus and said the UN agency, the World Health Organization, had failed to meet its basic obligations regarding the global epidemic. That’s why last month Donald Trump ordered an immediate halt to World Health Organization (WHO) funding.

United States provided 400 million in aid to the WHO last year

Donald Trump has also accused the World Health Organization of aiding China. Remember that the United States is the largest donor to the World Health Organization. The United States provided 400 million in aid to the WHO last year, while China provided 76 million to the World Health Organization in 2018-19. The United States is currently the most infected country with the corona virus in the world, with more than 1.5 million people infected and more than 320,000 dead, compared to 82,960 in China, the country where Corona’s initial attack took place. Affected and 4,634 have died.