chinese and indian forces face to face

ISLAMABAD (Monitoring Desk) Tensions between Nepal and India have raised over the border dispute on the other hand the Chinese and Indian forces have also come face to face. In this case, China is in favor of Nepal while the United States is in favor of India. Rising tensions in Nepal and India have led to rising tensions between China and India over various disputed areas of Ladakh and North Sikkim. The two countries have deployed more troops in the disputed border areas. A significant number of Chinese military tents can be seen in the Gulwan Valley, which is why India has started keeping a close watch on the area. The United States has also blamed China for tensions between India and China over the LAC. Ellis Wells, the top US ambassador to South and Central Asia, says recent border tensions reflect China’s aggression.

Nepal had issued a new map after the border dispute with India

China’s attitude is forcing other nations to unite in order to re-impose the Economic World Order after World War II. It should be noted that Nepal had issued a new map after the border dispute with India, Government spokesman Yuvraj Khati Wada said the new political map would be used in every government institution and in all textbooks.


The decision was taken by the Nepalese government after the Indian Ministry of Defense recently inaugurated a link road to the Chinese border through Lipolikh. Following the inauguration of this link road, a press note was issued by the Government of Nepal stating that the eastern part of the Mahakali River belonged to Nepal as per the 1816 Sagoli Agreement, while the Indian Government stated that he made road in his area.The Lipolikh area borders link with China, Nepal and India. Nepal is angry over India’s move, while anti-India protests continue in Nepal over the occupation of Lipolikh.