Charsadda:(Chief Ikramuddin) Hon’ble and dutiful Assistant Director Passport Liaqat Ali from Charsadda, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has retired. According to details, Assistant Director Passport Liaqat Ali retired on May 2, 2020 during his long official journey and struggle.

Services of Assistant Director Liaqat Ali for Passport Department is appreciable

He played an important role in resolving public issues on priority basis.Liaqat Ali was always engaged in focusing on public issues as he was an honest officer.His mission was to develop the institution and resolve public issues.His Services for the passport office is commendable and officers like Liaqat Ali are the pride of the country and nation,and the people are proud of him.He was an honest person who fulfilled his government services in a very delicate manner,because of that he is still being remembered in the heart of people.

The people of Charsadda said in a press statement with International Media that former Assistant Director Passport Liaqat Ali is a worthy person who has earned a name for his public service which is no less than an honor for the people of Charsadda and are more appreciative.The people of charsadda further said that they salute former Assistant Director Passport Liaqat Ali for his long struggle and prays for him.


May Allah bless him with a long life so that he can serve the country,nation and people in order to reduce public problems.