Human beings are those entities who are very strong but at the same time they are very weak. Emotions are the things which hit the human being internally mentally and physically. Emotions make them strong but they can strongly break them too. Every gender has emotions but the way of expressing emotions is different. Emotions hit the men too, like women. But men try harder to cover them, to be a man. Men are emotionally strong creatures in nature.

According to the author of “The Essential Difference: Men and Female Brains and the Truth About Autism”, Simon Baron-Cohen, PhD, men’s neurological wiring tries to make them better at systems, while women are superiorly equipped for empathy. This could help to explain why although the culture is changing, guys still take such ego in their machines, while women often care more about maintaining a clean home.
Men react bravely to a situation because anatomical, hormonal behavioral and evolutionary factors demonstrate the biological, instinctual inclination of men to be more hawkish. That’s why men are involved in acts of crime and violence on an individual and social level. The social environment only points out or focus these inclinations toward fighting, violence and aggression. It is proved from the Genesis that male aggressive behavior approaches come from an evolutionary perspective. Intrasexual competition (between males) explains the fact that men are more stronger and aggressive than women. Men have inherited these skills and abilities from their evolutionary ancestors, because, in general, in the living world, protecting the family, resources, gaining a higher status, achieving good lifestyle and obtaining competitive advantages in conquering women involves increased aggressiveness and dispute between the different groups.

Several theories have been formed to explain that why men are more aggressive than women. According to the most popular theory formulated by American social psychologist Leonard Berkowitz, men and women are educated, traditionally, to carry out different social roles.
“Social roles” theory has created a new paradigm in gender policies and marks, even today, the ways in which many preschool education and Civic strategies are proposed. It is presumed that girls and boys shall be treated and educated alike, evenhanded, and even the behavioral differences between them will cease. Berkowitz’s theory which was about learned social roles was prone to several critics, who have shown its vulnerabilities, because it is not the imprinting of social roles that sits at the roots of men’s increased aggressiveness, but inner causes, decided by the nature of men.
Men like to think themselves as strong and in control of their emotions. When they feel hopeless or overwhelmed by despair they often deny it or try to cover it up. But depression can affect anyone at some point in lives. Like women, depression can affect men too but it is not a sign of emotional weakness. It is normal for everyone to feel down from time to time. Swings or dips in the mood are an ordinary reaction to losses, disappointments, failures, setbacks and downs of life. This can interfere with your output, your diet, your daily routine work and relationships too. Severe depression can be unrelenting and intense. But unluckily, depression in men often gets neglected as many men find it difficult to talk about their feelings. This doesn’t mean that they have no feelings. Men are not as expressive as women are. Men try to focus on the physical symptoms that often accompany male depression, such as difficulty in sleeping, health problems, back pain, headache etc. This can result in the underlying depression left untreated, which can have serious results. Depressed men are four times more likely to take their own lives than women. This is because they find difficulty in showing their feelings and mental conditions. Therefore, depressed men may not cry or talk about their feelings. They may not even hint that they are thinking about suicide. Depressed men may try harder to hide their symptoms. As a result, they may get angry and aggressive. There are also the chances that they may seek relief through alcohol or drugs, so it is important to seek help with depression before their feelings of distress become feeling of suicide.

Men are not very good at recognizing symptoms of depression as women are. A man is more likely to refuse his feelings, hide their feelings from himself and others, or try to coat them with other behaviors. Depressed men may exhibit escapist or perilous behavior such as driving incautiously, following dangerous sports, or engaging in unsafe sex. They might drink too much, or gamble compulsively. Depression can also cause aggression (about which we have already discussed above) in men. It could range from sensitivity to criticism, irritability, a short temper, or a loss of sense of humor to road rage or even violence.
Depressed men may seem angry and grouchy rather than sad and withdrawn. Severe depression can also affect mental health and can cause mental illness. Posttraumatic Stress Disorder is one of them. It is caused by experiencing a life-threatening or violent event, such as war. It is mostly common in men and specially those who have served in combat.
There are many causes of depression in men. Psychological, social, biological factors all play an important part, as do relationships, coping skills and Lifestyle choices. Fear can also cause depression in men. Because like everyone, fear encounter them too. They thought about the things in their lives and fear that what will happen if they fail in achieving some selected goal in their lives. And gradually they move toward depression which can cause serious results. The most common fears among the men are, fear of Rejection by someone, fear of Being Controlled and Smothered, fear of Not Being Lovable, fear of Not Measuring Up, fear of Being Found Out, fear of Trusting a Woman, fear of Growing Up and the fear That He Can’t Make The “Right Decisions”.
Men are emotionally strong because they have the ability to hide, cover and coat their feelings from others and himself too. But it does not means that they have no feelings or emotions like materialistic things.

Things or events hit the men emotionally with the same force as they hit others. But they have the ability to envelop them in themselves. They have the ability to cope their emotional problems themselves. Due to this reason emotions of the men get overlooked. They are also the souls with emotions like other. They are not Robots, they are human beings and human beings have feelings or emotions.