BY Sadaf Ali

Positive thinking is associate degree optimistic state of mind, that sees the brilliant facet of life. A positive frame of mind brings additional harmony and happiness, improves relationships, and attracts success into your life. it’s a mind-set that you simply will build up. Positive thinking may be a mental and emotional perspective that focuses on the brilliant facet of life and expects positive results. A positive person anticipates happiness, health and success.
What Is Positive Thinking and Why you wish It?
Positive thinking may be a mental and emotional perspective of expecting smart and favorable results, and not obtaining discouraged once plans don’t proceed obviously. It suggests that making an attempt once again and not acceptive defeat .The first step toward dynamic your thinking is learning concerning the various kinds of psychological feature distortions and the way to spot them. You’ll have to be compelled to question yourself, and that’s uncomfortable. It means that acknowledging that typically, you would possibly not have the correct plan concerning things, despite however positive you’ll feel. this can take vigilance and self-reflection, as several of the thoughts you have got square measure habits – they occur mechanically, and you’ll not even remember of them.
Below, you’ll notice an inventory of the alots of prevailing psychological feature distortions. which of them does one acknowledge in your own thinking?
Cognitive Distortions
“We cannot solve our issues with constant thinking we have a tendency to used once we created them.”
Albert Einstein

  1. Jumping to conclusions :Jumping to conclusions is a phenomenon where people reach a conclusion prematurely, on the basis of insufficient information. People jump to conclusions in various ways, including by engaging in extreme extrapolation, overgeneralization, and labeling.
    Examples:. There’s no method I’ll get the work I simply applied for.
  2. All-or-Nothing Thinking: All-or-nothing thinking typically involves victimization absolute terms, like ne’er or ever. this kind of faulty thinking may embrace AN inability to check the alternatives in an exceedingly state of affairs or solutions to a drag. For folks with anxiety or depression, this typically suggests that solely seeing the draw back to any given state of affairs.
    Example: If somebody globally rates their life by thinking that losing their job suggests that their life is over, that person are going to be at higher risk for feeling associate degree unhealthy negative feeling like depression or anxiety. This individual is negating and losing sight of everything else that’s smart in his or her life.
  3. Filtering: We apply a mental filter to things in our lives when we tend to enlarge the negatives and ignore the positives. this may be in addition aforesaid as “maximizing/minimizing” – maximizing the negative and minimizing the positive.
    Example :.A student submits a paper to his pedagogue and receives every glowing comments and hard-to-please ones. He ignores the feedback he receives and dwells on the a variant necessary comments, inflicting him to feel inadequate
    4.Catastrophizing : Catastrophizing is once someone assumes that the worst will happen. Often, it involves basic cognition that unit in an exceedingly} very worse state of affairs than you really square measure or exaggerating the difficulties you face.
    Example : Someone might worry that they’ll fail an exam.
    5.Labeling : Labeling may be a psychological feature distortion during which individuals cut back themselves or people to one sometimes negative characteristic or descriptor, like “drunk” or “failure.” once individuals label, they outline themselves and supported one event or behavior. Labeling will cause individuals to dress down themselves.
    Example : I lost the game, therefore I’m a loser.
  4. External control fallacy : Being externally controlled refers to viewing oneself as a swamped victim of fate. Those with this type of false belief typically blame others, luck, the weather, or different external sources for negativities that happen in their lives
    Example : After not doing homework for two months: “I get bad grades because my teachers don’t like me.
    7.Internal control fallacy : Internal control misconception makes one feel to blame for what others area unit rummaging. individuals with this sort of unreasonable mental attitude typically blame themselves for the mishaps and different negativities that others area unit experiencing
    Example : I can’t facilitate it if the standard of the work is poor, my boss demanded I work overtime thereon. The fallacy of internal control has us assuming responsibility for the pain and happiness of everyone around us.
  5. Emotional reasoning : Emotional reasoning could be a psychological feature distortion wherever an individual concludes that their emotional reaction proves one thing is true, despite proof proving otherwise. your emotions cloud your thoughts, that successively clouds your reality.
    Example : I feel guilty, therefore I must have done something bad , I feel overwhelmed and hopeless, therefore my problems must be impossible to solve.
  6. Overgeneralizing : Overgeneralization is the act of drawing conclusions that are too broad because they exceed what could be logically concluded from the available information. 
    Example : I didn’t get the job. Nobody will ever hire me.
  7. Shoulds and Oughts : Having ideas relating to but ought to you need to or got to behave could be a important a part of associate degree moral compass. These area unit only psychological feature distortions once your ideas relating to what ought to you need to or got to do cause you to use guilt as a remarkable issue, or once the thoughts cause you lots of anger and frustration toward others administrative body don’t modification to them.
    Example : I should be more successful at this point in my life , I should be loved by everyone.
    So you’ve taken the primary step toward correcting your thinking by learning to spot your own psychological feature distortions. Next time you have got a negative thought, feeling or reaction to a scenario, raise yourself if one in every of the higher than distortions can be at play. Next, it’s time to find out psychological feature tools that you just will use to tackle these negative thought patterns and replace them with correct, constructive ones which will cause life through better thinking.