By: Iqra Sikandar

Sleep paralyses is the most horrid experience I had ever experienced .

Sleep paralyses is a feeling When you became conscious but unable to move and cell function became temporary loss. It’s a frightening event said “Steven bender”, Clinical assistant professor. In sleep paralyses brain feels the body that we are still in rapid eye movement stage to sleep an inability to move the body when falling asleep or on waking, lasting for seconds or several minutes, being consciously awake being unable to speak, during the episode cause fear feeling, pressure on the chest, having difficulty breathing feeling as if death is approaching, sweating having muscle pains .

It could occur in healthy individuals and also has been linked with other underlying psychiatry and sleep disorder. It can be scary but it’s harmless. Hundreds of years ago sleep paralyses was traditionally defined as” not a bad dream”, but rather the nocturnal visit of an evil being that threatens to press life of terrified victim. People who experienced Sleep paralyses claimed that they felt paralysed, could not speak felt helpless and where overwhelmed bye extreme fear and terror. Over the centuries symptoms of sleep paralysis have been described in many ways and often attributed to shadowy evil creatures that helpless humans at night. This creature was considered to sit upon once chest at night in attempt to suffocate the person and paralyse him. Modern day victims describes the incident as” I imagined that somebody was lying in bed with me but I could not see them because I was struggling to turn over but could not move. Static shows 8% and 50% of people experience sleep paralyses at some point in life. About 5% of people have regular episodes male and females are affected equally The occurrence of sleep paralyses in student is 28% and 32% in psychiatric patient. As a result, researchers believe that sleep paralysis involves a Mix state of consciousness. The exact cause of sleep paralysis is unknown studies have examined data to see what is associated with a higher risk of sleep paralysis and have found mixed result based on that research believe that multiple factors are involved in sleep paralysis One off the major causes of sleep paralyses is deprivation or a lack of sleep, changing sleep schedule ,sleeping in your back, stress and other sleep related problems may also play a role. Studies have found a higher risk in people with a family history of sleep paralysis but no specific Genetic disease has been identified. There is a lot Of cultural and religious influences in cases of sleep paralysis seen worldwide. Based on several kinds of literature, sleep paralyses has not been associated with any form of long term effect on the sufferer. Individuals from different regions and cultural backgrounds have developed a way to manage it .According to some scientists culture may be a major factor in shaping sleep paralysis . When sleep paralyses interpreted through a particular cultural filter, it may take on greater silence. For example, if sleep paralysis is feared in a certain culture this fear could lead the condition fear, and thus worsen in the experience, in turn leading to higher rates. Research has found that sleep paralyses is associated with great fear and fear of impending death in 50% of sufferers in Egypt .

Two terms are commonly used to Categorize Sleep Paralysis. Isolated sleep paralyses is when the episode are not connected do an underlying diagnosis. Recurrent sleep paralyses involves multiple episodes overtime .Most people need no Treatment for sleep paralysis. But should follow these rules for for improving sleep .Making sure you get 6 to 8 hours of sleep each night treating any other sleep disorders such as leg cramps . not working or studying in the bedroom. Avoiding napping after 3.00 p.m. and for longer than 90 minutes. Not eating a heavy evening meal, or eating within 2 hours of going to bed . Not sleeping with the lights or television on. Exercising daily, but not within 2 hours of bedtime . Managing any depression or anxiety disorder. Reducing intake of stimulants . Practicing meditation or regular prayer Understanding the Psychology of sleep and the mechanism for sleep paralysis is an important step to overcome it .
Sleep paralysis has received more attention from the unscientific world. The stigma associated with individuals suffering from sleep paralysis has also prevented sufferers from reporting at medical institutions. As such, most sufferers revert to other confidential means such as religious leaders in traditional persist for a solution thus it is important to sensitized the public on what sleep paralyse is and how it should be approaches. However the current knowledge on sleep paralysis is somewhat limited as there is still a paucity of reports on the risk factors of sleep paralysis.