DEPRESSION is affective disorder. Affective Disorder: -Mental illness characterized by pathological changes in mood. A person with severe depression has profound feelings of sadness, worthlessness and guiltiness which usually are incapacitating. The predominant features of a severe depression are a profound feeling of melancholy and despair. The production of a severe depression requires the occurrence of predisposing interpersonal trauma in childhood precipitating emotional stress in adult life. The childhood of the person who later develops a severe depression is characterized by traumatic interpersonal relationship in which He is emotionally rejected and his needs for affection are not met His self-esteem gets lost and
Strong hostility is mobilized within him towards the people who have damaged him, but he feels much guilt about the rage he feels towards them.

This emotional trauma usually begins in the patient early childhood and continues in varying degrees throughout his formative years to his adolescence. Depression is a defined as a mental illness that causes a steady low mood. People who suffer from depression tend to be distressed and have a sense of disappearing. Depression is common in primary care patients with an incidence from 10 %to 14%among patients who present to a physician’s office for any reason.

Depression is a mental disorder that is pervasive in the world and affects us all. Cost- effective treatments are available to improve the health and the lives of the million of people around the world suffering from depression. I had a learning experience from doing this photo essay.

learned how people lived, and how panicked America were from the great depression. The great depression leads to a lot of problem in America today and that was what I learned from this assignment. The great depression was the worst economic time in the history of the modern world, it left millions upon million jobless, homeless, and starving.

Through the great depression we can learn how to prevent such occurrence from happening again or least how to lessen the impact.