By: Awais Meer

First we have to know the main difference between a motivational speaker and a speaker. Listen carefully every speaker is not a motivational speaker.


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What was the first thought comes in your mind when you heard the word motivational speaker? I will tell you a suited booted person with glasses on his eyes look like a P.H.D professor. Who can talk boldly on a very high note, who can talk continuously for two to three hours, who has extra ordinary communication skills, who can entertain thousands of people at a time, But my answer is no. Communication skills and confidence were other things which can help in your work.

For example a person with good communication skills can become a media person like anchor or a t-v channel host, even a good actor but not a professional motivational speaker. A motivational speaker is totally other thing. If you think a person who can motivate you for any work is a motivational speaker then you are totally wrong. First you want to know what motivation actually is. Motivation has two types, positive or negative. If you want to do a good work you need positive motivation for your work. On the other hand if you want to do a wrong thing like a crime you need negative motivation to complete your task.

So motivation is a thing which boosts your energy level to achieve your target. If you think that a person who can motivate you for a specific act or work is a motivational speaker then what about your parents?? a salesmen, call center agents, a beggar who can easily take money from your pocket, and last but not the least a politician who can get vote from you and can easily face thousands of people at jalsas. And also can face critics from general public.

These are some examples which I gave you to understand the basic difference between a speaker and a motivational speaker. I don’t want to prove them wrong but the main thing is results which were temporary but not fruitful. For example I bother a student to study engineering because today it has a scope. His interest is in medical and he is good in it but due to my involvement he took admission in engineering. So could he become a good engineer?? Suppose he becomes but when he had no interest in this field so how can he will successful in future. I think it cleared now there is no need to further talk about this.

Now the main thing is that who is a motivational speaker?? To explain this I have to share another example there and that is there is a mechanic who is repairing motors from a long time. If you questioned him about his work, he will give you a brief description about each and everything about his work like how motor works?? How a motor doesn’t work?? From where you can get a good motor, how much ampere current a motor needs to start?? Motors metal, each spare part and nut bold used in a motor, because he worked practically. His degree, his qualification, his identity everything is his work. In which he invest his time.

He is P.H.D in his work. So the purpose of that example is to clarify that irrelevant person talking on irrelevant thing is like that you give a gun to civil person and send him to a battle field. That person never use a gun before even he never holds a gun in his life so what will he do?? Now he has two options first to quit and second is to die. Same like this happens to those people who think themselves a motivational speaker.

The only reason for this is that they are confident, they can face people easily and they have communication skills. They can silent their opponent by not giving him a chance to speak. But practically they are zero. They gave irrelevant examples to people. They were actually misguiding people because they don’t know real facts.
Motivational Speakers.

If you see world most famous motivational speakers who were on top position now. They have achieved something in their life. They struggled hard for this. They have faced people’s positive and negative attitude. They suffered from hardships. They have survived from loneliness. They have been broken so badly then they have fixed themselves. They have recovered themselves from depression. First they have fought with themselves then they fought with the world. These are the people who make their name in the world.

I think that’s the reason they are the best motivational speakers in the world. When a person faced a thing then he could explain about that. Only that person can better understand the basic of that thing. Confidence is a good thing. But without any achievement just to control a crowd you say anything even you don’t know that the facts you just shared are correct or not. The examples you just gave were relevant or not?? Then that confidence became overconfidence, means it become a negative thing.

Apparently people appreciates you, cheer you. But then that person thinks that this strategy is good. Do that thing like that. In my view that’s not a motivational speech. You can call it a speech but not a motivational speech, because giving a motivational speech is very important and a responsible thing. You have to face a crowd of 50-100 people. If a single person inspired from your speech and achieve something in his life, then you will become a successful motivational speaker. For Example while giving a speech at a place I said that General store is a very good business. You will invest a specific amount and then you will get a specific amount of profit. You will get a specific amount of sale daily. But I don’t tell you about shop security fee, shop rent, shop electricity bills, shop electricity commercial meter who charged double units, You have to pay scale weight machine fee annually, Food authority can inspect your shop and can charge you fine. Now a person invests his all money on that thing by just listening investment and profit. But when he get into all these things and suffer loss, will lose his all saving.

That person will pray good for me ?? As a motivational speaker I guide him correctly?? Obviously when I don’t know a thing then how can I guide others. A motivational speaker has a burden of responsibilities. If we can motivate a person for a work, then it is important for us to inform that person about the hurdles in that work. If a person is in depression then only that person can recover him who actually go through this, because that person can understand his condition.

A person, who never go through this can never understand his condition, nor can help out that person. Considering yourself perfect is a mentally decease itself. Confidence is a thing, which can be used positive or negative way. But in both ways the results were on extreme level.

There is a mathematical law (positive) + (positive) = positive and also (negative) + (negative) =positive. Human psychy is same like that. If you want to be a motivational speaker, then it is necessary for you that have achieve something or you have extraordinary knowledge or you have survived from ups and downs in your life. It’s like that you got in to an epidemic you have been broken so badly. Then you recover yourself and get yourself out of that difficulty, and also get back yourself into normal condition.

This is a great achievement in its self. If you want to hit the world then you have to hit yourself first. Conquer yourself first then the world. When you get control of yourself, then you can easily control the world. World means people there, not time and circumstances. Trust me you don’t need any friend when you are your own friend.

If you want to lead the world then you have to run toward success, people will automatically follow you. You should stop following people just follow the success. If you start following people then this will never end in your whole life time and one day you will get tired from this. It is better to invest in yourself instead of people. This is the best investment and its profit will be lifetime.