By: Imsha Sadaqat & Salwa Nabeel

‘’Animals are such friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticism’ — George Eliot As a human being, it is our moral responsibility to ensure that any animal in our surroundings is not being exploited for labor, killed, experimented on or put in houses as pets for entertainment.


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Animals also require fundamental protection and preservation just like humans, but
unfortunately, Pakistan does not have any appropriate laws to prevent these issues.However, an act called the prevention of cruelty to animals act 1890 was passed on 26th December 1960.The definition of this act is summoned under the three points mentioned below.

“Animal” means any domestic or captured animal. “street” includes any way, road, lane, square, court, alley, passage or open space, whether a thoroughfare or not, to which the public have access, “Pokka or doom day” includes any process of introducing air or any substance into the female organ of a mulch animal with the object or drawing off from the animal any secretion of milk.
Sort of issues must be taken in consideration:
Cruel labor, animal hunting, animals used for lab experiments, rape, the killing of stray dogs, treatment in the case of an injury, provision of shelter, keeping them on the roadside or in illegal zoos and dog fighting/cockfighting. In order to put these issues into practice, some organizations have been set up, which aim at making human beings feel the responsibility to preserve and provide shelter to the fellow species and work for their health and other living conditions.

Animal Welfare Organization:
The organizations developed for acknowledging the sufferings and pain of animals are
mentioned below.

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society (PAWS):
It is a non-profit organization developed under section 42 of the companies ordinance. It was founded in 2004 and is run by trained volunteers. The members focus on issues, like awareness and the development of a sense of care and kindness towards the animals. It also works through social media by keeping people in touch and giving them updates about the current issues.
Vets Care Organization (VCO):
Vets care organization is a non-profit and non-political organization that makes sure that the veterinarian resources are utilized properly for the welfare of animals in Pakistan. In different areas of the country, the camps are set up to provide free medicines and treatment to the sick and injured animals.VCO has accomplished a great achievement since 2001 by saving a large number of animals.

Edhi foundation:
Edhi foundation not only serves humanity but also works for the well being of animals. Due to prevailing brutality by the animal owners, the members of the Edhi Foundation have set up a separate hostel for providing services to animals. This hostel comprises sections established to provide basic needs such as food, shelter, medical treatment etc.

Society for the protection of Animal Rights (SPAR):

Society for the Protection of Animal Rights educates people by conducting educational programs and other awareness campaigns. These programs ensure that people know the basic needs they should provide to the animals as their owners and guardians. This organization provides a formal platform to facilitate and implement rules for animal protection.Take part in awareness campaigns. Report any sort of mistreatment or abuse. Urge for the implementation of strict laws. Make sure animals are being treated humanely in houses and zoos. Ensure that a suitable environment is given by the owners. Try to become a volunteer in any organization. Teach your children to have respect for animals. Be an example of affection and warmth to other people. Educate people around you about the sensitivity of this issue.