BY: Ishmal Jamshad & Marvi Bibi (Riphah international University)

Feminism is the belief in social physical equality of both genders. Feminism is
adopted worldwide and is run by different institutions . People who belief in feminism are known as feminists. A true feminist balances equal rights of men and women. Feminism is a social movement that took a turn socially economically to provide equal rights to both sexes. Feminism involves political theories concerned with the issue of manifesting rights of men and women. It is also known as intellectual commitments. Equal rights are given to both sexes through different institutions. It not only includes men women rights but also includes bisexual genders or transgender rights. It’s about respecting the rights of human of any race origin culture and gender.


Feminism is the belief in social ,cultural and also political equality of sexes . Although there are many organization in the west . Feminism is display worldwide and is mean by different intitution committed project on side of women rights and interest . The word feminism has been used for near to century in United States . Even earlier winning the vote in right to women in 1920 , who look for women rights called themselves feminist. Feminism arise in the response of western culture and tradition that restricted the right of women , but feminist ideas has global embodiment and disparity .

Psychological issues :

When woman tolerate so much and getting under pressure , there are many Psychological problems which destroy the mental health of them badly.

For example they become unconsciousness, depression, anxiety, Headache, disturbance of brain functions, memory loss etc. All the disturbance in their mental health also disturbs the physical health as well. When they starting over thinking about situations that were occur
with her she became depressed and often they commit suicide. There are many cases of woman who commit suicide due to their family problems and other issues. More than men, woman commit suicide Mostly all the mental issues are created when there are family problems in family and when woman tolerate that type of abuse which is limitless.

Islamic view of feminism :

Prior to Islam, the oppression and exploitation of women was rampant. Women were treated like slaves, female children were buried alive, the right of divorce was in the hands of the man and women were not allowed to own assets or contribute to society. Women were harshly treated. The rights of Women was revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad SAW more than 1400 years ago and Islam came to protect the rights of Women and raise their honor and status in society. Islam gave women a position and respect in society. list of ways in which
Islam brought back Women’s Rights:

  1. The right to freedom of belief. A woman is free to choose her own religion. The Qur’an states: “There is no compulsion in religion. Right has been made distinct from error.” (2:256)

2: The right to equal judgement Islam encouraged women to make spiritual progress and gave her the right to perform the same acts of worship as a man such as praying, fasting, giving in charity etc. In fact, there are many areas of worship in which a woman is exempted from performing yet she still gets rewarded. The Quran clearly states that both men and women will be judged by Allah SWT fairly and both will be rewarded or punished according to their own individual deeds.

3: The right of education
Islam recognized that Women had the capacity for learning and understanding and Prophet Muhammad SAW highly encouraged Women to seek knowledge, Throughout Islamic history, many woman held honorable positions as scholars, teachers, physicians, and scientists. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Education is compulsory for every Muslim.”

4: The right to financial independence

The Muslim woman has the right to earn money, to own property, to enter into legal contracts and to manage all of her belongings and financial affairs in any way. She has a right to be a part of property from inheritance Regardless of her financial state, a man must still
spend on his wife.
5: The right to choose a spouse

Islam gives a Woman the right to choose her husband and to keep her original name once she is married. She is free to accept or reject or express her opinion regarding marriage proposals. The concept of forced marriages is a cultural practice and is prohibited in Islam.

6: The right to honour and kind treatment

Islam honours a woman in any role she plays in her life. As a mother, as a wife, and as a daughter, both the Quran and prophetic traditions placed great emphasis on the importance of respecting women, and the great reward involved in showing her this honour and respect that she deserves.

Feminism in the society have different types . Liberal feminism be in the view to other sort of feminism . These feminist declare that Gender inequality rest in the denial of rights to women in principal the area of education and employment . It pull individual option as head and , historically has oppose for law switch in order to authorize women to convey their political independence . With it’s credit on achieved political rights , it should be noted any how that liberal feminism slight the deep- rooted nature of gender inequality and patriarchy . It frequently merge with libertarian feminism.

For Marxist Feminism male command over women is a result of the outgoing procedure of display within this capitalist period . With society divided between the lower class draw on the proletariat . A sub group is require in the society to produce the next drop group of laborer . This job drop onto women . Women arrived at free care source for the child , husband , and enlarge family by cooking , washing and hosting and giving health care . Feminism in Pakistan mention to set of sign which direct to define , start and protect the right of women in Pakistan . This may require the trailing of equal political , economist and social rights . The relationship I’m the women rise and Pakistan nation has face remarkable move from return arrangements to battle and conflict .

Cultural relativism is another part in inequality . In Pakistan , cultural relativistic worth have
damage not only the aim and intentions of feminism but also Islamic right of women .

Feminism that look up to free all women conduct steadily to harmony politics , economic , global citizen movement . It is important to feminist both women or men , to resume to declare this . Feminism must be changing if it is to be entirely feminist .

Beside it is vital that all progressive sign be observant about the question of womanist and devote themselves to get rid of form of inequality comprises male command and gender abuse that they experience within their operations and In their systematize . Motivate ourselves with the various unity economy examples all over the world .

We must try to make people aware of it . A major task for feminist at this time in history to build clear the development way ahead in order to inspire growing advocate to guide together and line up in harmonize of teamwork